Dental Exams

It is important to have a dental exam on a regular basis, often every six months, even though the interval can vary depending on Dr. Walker’s recommendations. In this exam, Dr. Walker is able to identify potential problems before they develop, often saving tooth structure, time, and additional expense for the patient.
Dental exams not only look at issues involving the teeth but also look for abnormalities in the mouth, neck, lips, and throat area that could include cysts, tumors, pre-cancerous, or cancerous lesions.

Around 40,000 Americans this year alone will be diagnosed with oral cancer and 8,000 deaths will be the result of oral cancer, killing approximately one person per hour for the entire year. Catching suspicious lesions early on is key to a good prognosis.
Dental exams will often include x-rays as well. We provide digital x-rays in our office to decrease the risk to patients. You can learn more about digital x-rays here.