Teeth Whitening

Dr. Walker can make custom-fitted bleach trays for you that will fit your teeth precisely. We us peroxide-containing whiteners that come in a gel and are placed in bleaching trays. These products contain peroxide(s), which actually bleach the tooth enamel. Carbamide peroxide gels of varying strengths can be used according to an individual’s specific situation.

Whiteners may not correct all types of discoloration. For example, yellowish hued teeth will probably bleach well, brownish-colored teeth may bleach less well, and grayish-hued teeth may not bleach well at all. Likewise, bleaching may not enhance your smile if you have had bonding or tooth-colored fillings placed in your front teeth. The whitener will not affect the color of these materials, and they will stand out in your newly whitened smile. In these cases, you may want to investigate other options, like porcelain veneers or dental bonding.

Teeth can become sensitive during the period when you are using the bleaching solution. In many cases, this sensitivity is temporary and should lessen once the treatment is finished. Because we offer a variety of concentrations of the whiteners, we are able to give you a concentration that fits your need for whitening while balancing any sensitivity issues you may have during treatment.